Outlook Security - A program is trying to access e-mail addresses



I have a new install of Windows XP with Office 2003 with all the patches

If I use Word as the default e-mail editor, when I click on reply, I get the
following popup box.

A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in outlook.
Do you want to allow this?

If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should choose no.

We have antivirus running, and we were using barracuda spam filter but we
unistalled it and we still get the same error.



I tested it out - the issue is with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 - I tried going into
word and unchecking the add on. That didn't resolve it - short of removing
Acrobat any guesses - ps. acrobat reader does not have this issue, only the
full blown acrobat.



This is a new security feature with Microsoft. My
company utilizes Access and we have integrated features
in our database to send emails via Outlook. Outlook 2003
will actually ask you 3 times to confirm that it's okay
for the outside program to take control of Outlook --
even though the outside program is a Microsoft product!

There are no cures to remove the security. However, if
you do a Google search on ClickYes, this is a neat
program that automatically clicks Yes to any prompts for

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