Outlook Response and Reminder Tracking



Hi all,

I have two task at hand which I like to do and learn :

1) I want to have a macro that save all senders' email address to my Contact
and address book before the rules run.

2) How can I use Outlook to set up a Reminder tracking program that will
send an automatic reminder email for people that have yet to response two day
before the deadline. And upon receiving a response email, have Outlook
update as responsed or close.

Would this be possible at all or is it just my dream

Would appreciate that someone have have more experience guide or provide
assistance on these.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Eric,

Thanks for the response, it work great.
1) Initially, I want to auto save all senders's address to Contact which are
in Inbox. Is it possible to have the code save the senders' address
automatically without opening Contact, Can the address in the CC field be
include as well?

2) The reason that I would like Outlook to do this is because I have about
60 to 70 responses to monitor for a task daily. And I think this are thing
that can be automate. Maybe will need to include other app. such as Excel.
Any pointers will be very much appreciate.

Thanks in advance.
cheers, franciz

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