outlook.pst not listed in data file management



my outlook is working fine but I noticed my outlook.pst file is not
listed in the data file management list. It only has the archive
pst. When I add the outlook.pst file from the ....\local settings...
\...outlook\ dir it adds but when I go back to data file management it
is gone. I tried restarting, running scanpst, and nothing brings it
back. The outlook.pst file is fine. I tried exporting to a file
called aoutlook.pst and adding that one and it works fine. If i
rename aoutlook.pst to outlook.pst and add it it will not stay.

One of the reason why I was looking at this was i can not import or
export a csv file b/c the folder list as the end of the wizard is
empty so that got me looking around.

Any suggestions on either?

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