Outlook not send/receiving when .pst over 800mb



In my old Exchange/Outlook 2003 environment, I had this problem with one
mailbox that would start to get strange when the .pst got over 800mb. This
mailbox uses only POP3/SMTP. The problem is that when you do a S/R, it gives
you an error indicating Outlook can't find either server. The problem is
continuing now in a 2007 environment; when the .pst gets big, S/R stops
working. I know that Outlook 2007 is supposed to support pst files up to
20gb (or 1tb if you mess with the registry) now that it's using unicode, but
I'm still seeing this issue. Sometimes the problem won't happen until the
..pst gets well over 1gb, sometimes it happens a few hours after archiving to
bring the size down. The only pattern seems to be if the pst gets over
800mb, it causes problems. Any thoughts? I can only use POP3/SMTP for this
mailbox, unfortunately.

Roady [MVP]

800MB is not an Outlook limit in any way.
Have you checked the pst-file for errors already?
See http://www.msoutlook.info/question/77

Also make sure you are not connecting to this pst-file via a network share
since this is not supported nor recommended by Microsoft and could lead to
slow performance, data corruption or even data loss.

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