Outlook new mail notification, Exchange



I think I have found the solution to many people's frustration with
Outlook new mail notification not working...

....it works after changing the firewall installed by Windows XP SP2 to
Off (not recommended).

Other search terms applicable for this thread (so it's easily
found/indexed in google groups) below...

Windows XP SP2, Service Pack 2, Outlook, Outlook XP, UDP, message
delay, no new message, messages arrives late, new mail notifications,
mail time delay, must click to see new messages, outlook 2000, Exchange
server 2000, Exchange 2003,

Also, here are other articles related that may help if the above
suggestion doesn't...


Hope this helps, I've been stuck on this issue for a long time...

I've tried adding more exceptions in XP's firewall for TCP and UDP
ports 135-139, but notifications still won't come through, as soon as I
turn firewall off it works immediatly (no restart of machine or outlook

- JPElectron


That was our problem, however, I resolved it by adding OUTLOOK.EXE to the
Exception list rather than turn off the firewall.

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