Outlook is using 99% of my memory



Outlook is using all my memory and running maddeningly slowly and affecting
the performance of everything else. I installed 1 gig of memory for a total
of 2 gigs in the hopes that this would solve the problem but Outlook just
used that up too. I googled the problem and wasn't able to find a solution.
You guys are my last hope. Thanks in advance.

K. Orland

Since we can't see what you see, you need to be very descriptive. Please
start with your version of Outlook and type of mail account. Include any
troubleshooting you've already done.

Have you tried running Outlook in safe mode to see if behaviour improves?
Start > Run > Outlook.exe /safe. This disables all 3rd party integration with
Outlook in case one of them is bogging it down.

Also, have you checked your Application Event Viewer to see if there are any
Outlook or Office-related errors?

If you have antivirus actively scanning your incoming and outgoing email,
disable it or disable the email scanning service to see if that improves
performance. I would do the same if you have installed antispam software as

Is Office (and Outlook) fully patched?

Did Outlook ever run more quickly than it does now?


The version I'm using is Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. I am scanning e-mail
with NOD32 and this problem is new. Outlook used to run well. As far as
add-ins go, I am not sure whether or not any are being used. I tried to run
and received the error message that it could not be found. I found the
event viewer and looked at it, but am unable to determine what might have
happened. Most of the errors in the viewer are application hangs. As far as
Office and Outlook being fully patched, I ran an update and downloaded all
the patches recommended. I hope this is useful.

K. Orland

You missed a space between outlook.exe and /safe. The command isn't
outlook.exe/safe but as below (common mistake):

Start > Run > outlook.exe /safe

Then click OK or hit enter.

As for entries in the event viewer, are the application hangs related to
Outlook? What is the eventID, source, and reason?

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