Outlook Error - Data file not closed properly - Windows 7



I have recently upgraded to Windows 7, and am now continuously getting a
error message when I open Outlook to the effect that 'The data file was not
closed properly. Checking for problems'. I always close it properly.

Has anyone got any suggestions what is going wrong?



Roady [MVP]

When you get that error message, Outlook is indeed not closing properly.
Which version of Outlook are you using?
Have you applied all service packs and additional updates already for

A common cause of Outlook shutdown issue is that either the outlook.exe
process is held captive by an add-in or another application or that an
add-in crashes Outlook upon shutdown. Also note that when the data file
checking is in progress, you should not close Outlook until it is done or it
will have to start checking from the beginning again upon next startup.

For troubleshooting steps see;


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