Outlook Connector move to new pc



I've been using outlook connector for hotmail with outlook 2007, and now I
got a new PC and don't want to sync everything all over, OST file is 900MB so
that's a lot of download time
I configured my email again on the new PC and that created a new OST file
and the common sense to do is to replace the new file with my old one and
things should work, but that didn't happen
I know I can move all the emails to a PST and import that but then I'll end
up with duplicates since outlook connector will sync them again anyway
Is there any way to move an old OST file to a new PC and carry on syncing
from where it last stopped ??
Thank you

Roady [MVP]

No, the best way to handle this without ending up with a corruption further
down the road is to have it resync itself. If time is an issue, you could
opt to do this overnight.

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