How do I use a backup Outlook Connector OST file on a new PC?



Lost my old PC due to IKE. How can I use a backup of my OST file on the new
Downloaded the latest version of Outlook Connector and copied in my old ost
file xxxx_hotmail.ost. When I setup the connection it created
xxxx_hotmail0.ost. So, I renamed the old ost to the new name. It can't open
it because it says it was "configured for use with a different mailbox". The
hotmail id is the same. However, I did us a different Vista id than I was
using on my old XP system. Outlook on both systems is from Office 2007. The
old PC had a previous version of Connector.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

The ost is linked to the computer and profile that created it. You really
don't need to use it - "OST" is an OFFLINE file store - its just a local
copy of your hotmail inbox. Outlook will re-download the mail to the new

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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I re-installed the Outlook Connector due to problems (it wasn't downloading
messages from my Hotmail ac). I got the same warnings that it was configured
for a different mailbox.

Is the OST also storing your calender entries when you make the hotmail
account the default sending accout?? - because I've now lost all my calender
which is worse than the mails!!!

Any help to find recover my calender appreciated. Thanks, David

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