Outlook connector error 0x80040126



I installed Outlook Connector in order to connect Outlook 2003 to my Hotmail
Live account and I'm getting the message:

"Task '*******@hotmail.com - Sending and Receiving' reported error
(0x80040126) : 'The operation cannot be performed because the connection to
the server is offline.'

I have no other accounts set up in Outlook, I tried disabling all firewalls
and antivirus type programs, I've tried recreating the Outlook Connector
account and I keep getting the same error message.

Are other people having success using Outlook Connector? Web searches for
this error code turn up results where people had similar probems in 2006 due
to a Microsoft server failure. Did this happen again?

Thanks in advance for any help.



I uninstalled Outlook Connector and reinstalled it, and I seem to have a
connection now. I can even send outgoing mail, but I am not able to receive
any mail.

The server status detailed report says:

"Information is missing from your Microsoft Passport Network profile. In
Calendar, click Options, and then update your personal profile."

I know that the calendar should not sync because I don't have a Hotmail
Premium account, but I can't even receive email. What's even more confusing
is that the server status says I am connected to the Calendar, and the mail
storage in the server status shows 5Gb instead of 2!!! It seems like Outlook
Connector thinks I have a paid premium account, but I don't.

Thanks again in advance.

Oct 5, 2010
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I use outlook connector along with Outlook 2003 to send and receive mail through my hotmail/live.ca mail accounts.

In Outlook 2003 using Tools, Option and Others Tab, Advanced Settings.
I changed the "Startup in this folder" from the Personal Folders Inbox to one of my live.ca hotmail accounts inbox. Ever since then, the error message would appear (Outlook 2003 error 0x80040126) when I tried to send mail. Don't know why this happened. But changing it back to use the Personal Folders Inbox fixed this issue, at least for me. However now I have to look at this stupid Usless Personal folders section when there is no way to delete it or remove it.

One way I found to overcome this issue was to first set startup folder as default Personal Folders Inbox.
Close Outlook 2003.
Uninstall Outlook Connector.
Open Outlook 2003 and remove your hotmail accounts then close Outlook 2003.
Log off then back on.
Reinstall Outlook Connector current v14.0.5118.5000.
Add 1 hotmail account.
Go and change Start in Folder to the Inbox of this account.
Add the rest of your hotmail accounts.
Close Outlook 2003.
Reopen Outlook 2003 to sync all accounts.
Close Outlook 2003 then reopen it.
Send emails from/to each of your hotmail accounts.
At first it gave me the error. After hitting send/receive a couple of times the errors cleared and all mail was sent.
Again, Send emails from/to each of your hotmail accounts.
it should not error out anymore.
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