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I have an email account in Windows Live Mail (not hotmail). I also have a
calendar in Windows Live calendar. I use these accounts for personal mail
and personal calendar. For business I have a separate account (different
email address) in Outlook. This is set up using an Exchange Server. I
downloaded and installed Outlook Connector 12.1 (12.0.6423.1000). A new
mailbox now shows up in Outlook which is titled as my personal email address.
I have several problems. 1) The calendars in both mailboxes remain
separate; they do not sync. 2) I do not see any messages in the inbox in the
new personal mailbox. 3)When I look at send/receive, I see the progress bar
stopped halfway through. 4) When I look at Data File management, There is no
mail store shown for the new mailbox. I then tried setting up a new profile
called Outlook Connector (including setting Outlook as the default mail and
calendar handler) which finished properly, but still no messages in the
inbox, or sync with the calendars. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, and
Outlook 2007. What do I have to do to see my personal email messages in the
personal mailbox in Outlook, and to sync the calendars so that I only will
need to enter appointments once?



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

1. Calendars will not sync. The connector syncs the Live calendar to your
desktop only. If you want the live calendar as your default you need to set
the live account as default. (That can mess up the exchange account
though). FWIW, Windows Live is the same as Hotmail, just different

2 & 3. When this happens, we recommend uninstalling the connector, rebooting
and reinstalling it.

4. The connector creates the OST (or NST) automatically. It's never listed
in data file management. You can't move it or open it in a different

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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While it's true that the calendars don't sync, you can overlay them onto a
single calendar view, so that you can see everything as if it were a single
calendar. To do this:

1. After setting up the Live account with the Outlook Connector, when in the
Calendar view, you will now have additional calendars listed under "My
Calendars" in the Navigation Pane (the pane typically on the left, where
mail folders appear in the mail view).

2. By default, your Exchange calendar is selected. You can also check your
Live account here. It will create another calendar tab in the main calendar
view. So far, they are still not overlaid, however. Clicking on the tab
moves back and forth between them.

3. Right click on the tab of the Live calendar, and click "View in Overlay
mode." If you have multiple Live calendars, you can do this with all of

Now in your main calendar view, you can see all of your appointments across
all calendars in a single view. Each calendar gets its own color so you can
distinguish. Note that if you wish to add an entry, you will need to go to
the tab at the top for the calendar to which you wish to add an appointment.

Just like the Palm Pre. :)

Hope that helps.


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