Outlook 'Conflicts' collection



I've just spent a day messing around with Outlook conflicts trying to find a
way to track and resolve them progamattically. I was using Outlook 2003 and
Outlook 2007 to generate the conflict messages on a contact item in a public
folder. The item.isconflict (boolean) flag seems to work both from an add-in
and as code on a form.

if item.isconflict then

However the item.conflicts collection was always null from the script code
on the form.
When I used an application to look at all items in the folder, it gives an
error when trying to 'set' the contact item - and returns 'nothing' for the
set oContact = colItems(i)

If I track the error it basically says it can't open an item in conflict -
try to resolve it manually and re-open.

I also tried teh same process using Redemption RDO objects (ie bypassing
Outlook and going straight into the MAPI interface) and got the same results.

Has anyone managed to utilise the 'Conflicts' collection - and under what


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