Outlook Attachments r not coming in outlook express


D.Sathish Kumar


Whenever a user sends a mail from his Outlook pop3 account
to outlook express pop3 account user, the attachments are
coming in outlook express, can anybody solve this issue
and get back to me.

Thanking you,

D.Sathish Kumar.



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

Make sure you use HTML or Plain Text format when sending messages to
Outlook Express users, or users of any other e-mail client besides
Outlook. Don't use Rich Text format, which is proprietary to Outlook
and will cause problems for other recipients, one of which is that they
won't get your attachments.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

*** Replies sent to my e-mail address will probably not be answered --
please reply only to the newsgroup to preserve the message thread. ***

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