Outlook 2007 with business contact manager



I recently installed MS Office Small Business 2007 with Business Contact
The installation went without a hitch except for the installation of
Business Contact Manager. I spent several hours with a MS Tech
Representative who could not resolve the problem - Business Contact Manager
still does not work.


Dmitri Yukhnovets said:
you should install it separetly form CD2 coming with your office
I did install the CD2 that came with the software and for some reason the
installation kept stalling and I was getting an error message each time. I
called MS Tech Support and they logged into my computer as a virtual
assistant but could not resolve the matter. I cannot figure out why. Is
the software worth the effort??


When I installed office 2007 everything went fine until I installed the
business contact manager. Then it became incompatible with word and excel. I
had to uninstall contact manager then everything was fine. I'm not sure what
to do with this program.


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