Outlook 2007 - When printing a calendar the task list is grayed ou




When printing a shared calendar, the task list (or to-do list) doesn't print.
If I print my calendar it prints fine. I've tried to define print style
from "Page setup", but even when I do see "Daily task list" selected it
doesn't print.
If I go directly through File/Print Preview then the to "Daily Task list" is
grayed out.

Is there a way to print another user's calendar and task list like you can
print your own?

Thanks for whatever help you can give me.



Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

you can only print Tasks with a Calendar when it's your Calendar as Outlook
only lets you print your Tasks on a Calendar page.

To print their Tasks, you'll need to do it from their Tasks folder.

I hope this helps you at least a little bit!

Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Outlook trainer and author of Productiv_IT with Outlook

read my articles here: www.judygleeson.com
Canberra, Australia

Joseph Joubert
To teach is to learn twice.

Kerri Porch

Aloha Judy, I saw your posts on Google groups and in the Office community on
this subject.

The problem is that this was possible in 2003 and now we have a bunch of
admin assistants here at the University who are upset that they can't print
their supervisor's calendar and to do list on one page. Is Microsoft going to
put this ability back?

Thanks so much for all of your help.

Mahalo, Kerri

The problem is, this was possible for

Diane Poremsky

it was never supported in earlier versions but worked if certain steps were

Kerri Porch

Aloha Diane, thanks for your prompt response. As an admin, I can print a
taskpad in a shared calendar. The user is not an admin and shouldn't be.
Are there "certain steps" available to be followed for Office 2007? Mahalo,

Diane Poremsky

I thought the steps were the same... does the user see the task list
onscreen? do they have permission to view the tasks?



Kerri Porch

Aloha Diane, Yes to everything, which is why we are stumped over here. The
assistant has Editor permissions to both the supervisor's Calendar and Task
Folders and she can see the tasks on screen. When she goes to File>Print and
chooses the Page Setup button, The Tasks: drop down list is greyed out and
not available. What am I missing? Mahalo, Kerri



Diane Poremsky

I had to play with it a bit to refresh my memory. It worked before because
you could get the other calendar's task list to display in the task pad. The
to-do bar closed that loophole...

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