Outlook 2007; Rules won't quit.


Bob with problems

Outlook 2007 rules will not quit running. First diabled rules. Rule would
not quit running. Second, deleted rules. Rules still would not quit
running. Rule was setup to move attachment to specified folder. Changed
folder name so it would no longer exist for Outlook to move items into.
Outlook now sends them to never never land, and they can't be recovered,
viewed, or anything, just gone. Search can't find them either. Third,
deleted rules completely, all rules, using wizard. Outlook still moves them
to folder/never never land. Changed folder name back to original. Now files
can be found in that folder. Several restarts and reboots done. Still moves
them. Used Outlook clean rules technique. Still doesn't phase it.

There must be some way to stop this rule.
Note: Two of the three rules did in fact quit when I disabled them in rules
wizard as they should have. One just seems to not be phased, which is the
one that moves attachments to a specified folder. If the folder is not
there, or renamed, it just sends them to never never land.

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