Could someone please assist me with the following problem - I have
recently discovered I am not the only individual who suffers from this
annoying technical error and would like to stop it in its tracks asap.

When I send a large e mail with attachments, such as photos or a
simple word document that may contain a photo (ie anything 1MB and
over), it stays in the outbox for sometime, sending over and over
again - eventually I receive an error informing me that it has timed
out. However, I later find out that it has been sent to the receiver
and at times, the receiver has received the e mail 80 times or more.

The only way I can stop this is by CC my address on the e mail,
signing into hotmail live and watching for my new e mail received
alert pop up. I thenmanually close down Outlook, reopen and delete the
e mail from the outbox, before it can start to re transmit. I use
Vista as a platform.

Any ideas?????



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Yeah, stop scanning outgoing emails with a virus scanner. They're notorious
for doing that in all versions of Outlook, not just Outlook 2007.

The other well known bugs with a-v scanning emails is getting blank bodies
in incoming emails and sending to a black hole where it times out and still
sends after that and you think it went out but the recipient never receives

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