outlook 2003 outbox will not empty after sending 2



No response yet need help on this am stuck.

This is a two part problem with my wifes laptop and it has been so long
since I have had to do any set up or changes I can't remember what to do need

1- The office program installed on the laptop is outlook 2003. When my wife
sends mail out the message is not deleted from the outbox. I know the mail is
being sent as I sent some test e-mails to people and they wrote back that
they received them ok, but the mail was still in the outbox.

I need to get outlook to delete the message from the outbox once the e-mail
is sent out?

We have high speed internet so the e-mail is sent to the server at comcast.

2- For some reason the e-mail send and receive function has stopped working
automatically. It was working for a time and now everytime she is on the
computer she has to manually check for e-mail by clicking on send/receive

I need to find out how to get Outlook to automatically send and receive
e-mails and a specific interval?

I went to the help section but this did not give me any information that I
could use. On problem 1 help said to check for addins and turn them off, but
there are no addins being used.

Please help I am stuck here.



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