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Aug 7, 2013
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I have a macro that creates a Calendar Event for selected contacts, and in the body of the Calendar Event, it shows words from certain fields of each Contact selected.

So for example, the field of the Contacts which is the FullName of each Contact, the full name of the Contact shows up as to each Contact selected.

Is there a way to add to the macro so that the words coming from the FullName field can be designed as a font that would be Times New Roman 14, Color Blue, Bold and Underlined Bold? And it's not be selecting the words and changing font…it is simply automatic when it shows up in the Body field.

So there is the standard code lines that come with it, and here is the basic code lines that does what I said above :

Dim strDynamicDL2 As String

strDynamicDL = strDynamicDL & objItem.FullName & (";")

With itmAppt.Body

itmAppt.Body = strDynamicDL2

End With


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