I have found a repeatable problem with OL2007. When I receive
messages, many of them will not appear in the Inbox. However, the
number adjacent to the Inbox on the folder tree does show the proper
number of unread messages. If I click on the Unread Mail Search
Folder, then I can see the messages. If I then click back to the
Inbox, the messages show up properly.

WinXP Pro w/ SP2 - Fully Patched
Office 2007 Enterprise - Fully Patched
Norton Internet Security 2007 with Add-On Pack (Includes AntiSpam) -
Fully Patched
The size of my PST file is approximately 950MB.
I am not using any filters (other than NIS AntiSpam) or special views.

As far as I can tell, this is a bug in how OL2007 harvests data and/or
how it is rendered in the messages panel.

Does anybody know of a way to prevent this from happening?




Hi there

I've been running Outlook 2007 for quite a while now and I haven't seen this
happen on my machine or any of the dozen or so colleagues I know who use it,
so I don't know if it's a widespread problem.

Have you tried resetting the Messages view on your Inbox (or temporarily
using a different view?

Have you tried disabling the Outlook functions of NIS temporarily to see if
you can still reproduce the problem?


Thanks for the response.

I have tried resetting the Messages view on the Inbox. There is no
effect - the messages remain hidden.

If I switch to other views - say "Last 7 Days" or "Unread Messages",
then the messages appear, in the same way that they do if I click away
from the Inbox to another folder (such as Unread Mail Search Folder)
and then back to Inbox.

I have completely disabled NIS (email scanning and spam filtering) to
no avail - the problem persists.

Thanks again,


It's a bit of a cop-out, but have you tried recreating your mail profile?
I've seen that work with similar problems on OL2003.


Hello Gomer,

You are not alone. I am experiencing the same issue, and I came across your
post when I was looking for a solution. I am using a different AV program,
and my PST file is much smaller.

If I do let outlook sit for about 15 seconds, mail will show up in my inbox
by itself, or I can do what you mentioned, switch out and back into the
folder to get them to appear. I don't notice the unread messages number
showing up in the folder tree until I can also see the messages there, but I
haven't been paying too much attention to that.

I wiped my system a month or two ago, copying my PST file back from backup
after reinstalling Office. This problem started popping up for me perhaps 3
days ago.

I haven't been doing anything special recently like setting up new accounts
or changing settings (as far as I can remember.)


WinXP Home SP2 (fully updated)
Office 2007 Pro/Groove (fully updated)
McAfee AV/FW/Privacy Service (fully updated)
No anti-spam other than that built into Outlook 2007
PST file 20-25MB, recently compacted.



Have you resolved your problem with 'missing' messages?

I'm having the same problem and am soooo frustrated.




No, the problem has not been resolved. It tends to come and go. Why? I have
no idea.

There are piles of similar threads that bring up the same issue, both in
this newsgroup, but also in microsoft.public.outlook.general.

The only 'explanation' for this I have seen revolves around UDP packets that
trigger notification being blocked from being received by Outlook 2007 by
firewalls. Of course, I have Outlook set up in my firewall as being allowed
full access to the Internet.

There is at least one link to the MS Knowledge Base that mentions the issue,
but I couldn't use it to fix the problem. I'm sure there are more.

I don't like that I can't TRUST Outlook 2007.


I have similar issue. We received 3 of the same computers, mine is the only
one with the issue. I found a similar post
and recently started a new post because I did not find these until later.

The one difference I can think of is google desktop. Theirs is installed,
but not setup or registered. I supose there are a couple other programs,
firefox and realVNC, UltrVNC, 7-Zip, Spybot SD I have and they don't.

Anyones help is appreciated,

Starting to sound like a Outlook 2007 bug to me.

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