Outlook 2007 email goes to wrong computer


Kim Tyndall

I have a desktop and a new netbook on the same home LAN. I want the netbook
to receive email and chose one of my rarely used Comcast email addresses that
I had previously activated on the desktop computer. I deleted the address
from the desktop's Outlook accounts and entered it on the netbook as the only
(default) email account.

The netbook's Outlook automagically contacts Comcast to obtain the accounts
settings. This completes correctly, but the acknowledging email goes to the
desktop Outlook. (The account I deleted no longer appears in the list of
accounts on the desktop.)

I think...well, restart both apps. I do and the same thing occurs. I shut
down the desktop and run Outlook's account repair tool on the netbook.
Completes successfully, but no message comes through. I shut them both off
completely for overnight. Maybe Comcast needs to reset (?). Next day, I start
the netbook first. No email messages. I start the desktop and there they all

So I think...this isn't going to fix easily and decide to create a new email
account at Comcast and enter it onto the netbook only. The desktop has never
had this new account. Account sets up correctly on the netbook, but all
confirming or test emails go to the desktop sysem (which does not show this
email account in its list). No email makes it to the netbook.

The netbook is obviously online as the test emails I send make it to Comcast
and back (to the desktop). Both computers are connected to the home LAN via
wireless. Both computers are in the same workgroup. I have transferred files
back and forth. Both computers use the same Microsoft Outlook license as I am
allowed three computers on the license. Both are activated via Microsoft so
the copy of Outlook on each is legit.

Ummm...what am I missing?

Thank you ahead of time for suggestions. I can't imagine what is messing up


There isn't a retail version of Office 2007, that includes Outlook, that
allows for installation on 3 devices
Is the password for the two mail addresses unique?
And if you logon to your Comcast primary web mail interface are these msgs
there? if so either your email addresses are catchall addresses or you have
set up mail forwarding on the web interface

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