Outlook 2007 Email Drag and Drop in Sharepoint Document Library




I have question regarding the email drag and drop in Sharepoint Document
library folder in Outlook.

Following are sthe steps i have done to achieve Drag and Drop.

1. I have created a Sharepoint Document Library Folder in Outlook and
Assigned Document library URL to the Home page of the Outlook Folder.

2. Wrote an event handler handler function for that Folder.

3. In that Even handler procedure i have captured the Droped email item and
Captured the Web URL of the Document library Folder we have created in
outlook and save the email item in the location wih ".Msg" format.

4. I can successfully drag an email from Outlook and Drop it in Sharepoint
Document library Folder we have created in Outlook 2007 . This uploads the
document to the Document library and we can see the uploaded email as ".msg"
file in document library.

How to Upload the document with corresponding Metadata to the Share point
Document Library Programatically using VB.net



We have a product called Drag&DropIt that will be able to assist with
this so you can create emails that you can drag and drop into
SharePoint 2003 / 2007 WSS / SPS / MOSS.

It also profiles all meta data of an email and allows you to view that
document library without leaving Outlook. There is offline
functionality so you can drag into these folder while offline and you
can create new SharePoint document library folders from Outlook.

You can create rules so emails are automatically sent from Outlook to

You can view more information at

Or email (e-mail address removed) for more details


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