Outlook 2007-cannot open your default email folders - error



I just upgraded Outlook 2003 to 2007.
I deleted the profile. I created another.
I set the data files to the new 265kb .pst. I also tried to point it to my
former main .pst file.
And Outlook just gives me this error and closes.

"Cannot open your default email folders. The server is not available."

Roady [MVP]

Which exact method did you use to point it to the different pst-file?
Did Outlook work directly after creating the mail profile?

If it doesn't, make sure you have entered the correct account details when
you recreated your mail profile.

If it does, you can simply reconnect to your original pst-files directly
File-> Open-> Outlook Data File...

In your account settings you can then set this pst-file as the default and
remove the one that Outlook automatically created. For further details see;

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