Outlook 2007/BCM 2007 Crash



Hi everyone - hope someone can lead me toward a solution to this puzzle. I
have a user running Office 2007 w/ Business Contact Manager on Windows Vista
Business. Occasionally, when running a search through "Business Contacts,"
Outlook/BCM will crash before it returns any results. Checking online for a
solution does not return anything. Outlook always restarts as it was when it
crashed (minus the contact search window). I've done a few web searches
trying to find other instances of crashes, but am coming up dry. Any ideas?



When I have had problems / crashes that I couldn't find an answer for I have
just uninstalled and reinstalled BCM. It takes a few minutes but it always
seems to fix whatever the issue was.


I wish it was that simple. How about a diagnostic process. Everyone seems to
jump to solutions. Appreciate it but it's a shot in the dark. These crashe
have crimpled me in starting a new business. I may have to go back to


You are not alone with this issue. I have been using BCM for a considerable
length of time on Xp and Vista computers. This is a presistant and consistant
problem. Most of the time it happens, as you stated, when doing a search. It
does however shut down all too frequently when just performing other basic
operations like opening the contact list. In my case this can happen 10 -12
times a day. I don't see anyone from MS answering these posts either. there
have been many posts having the same problems. theMurf


Ok - might have a "silver bullet" - Was browsing Best Buy and "complaining to
all the sales people........

1) One guy said to try their $29.00 Vista perfomance boosting script that
makes (i think) safe updates to the registry and cleans out a lot of unneeded
services...maybe a few other things....

2) One person said that Vista Home/Home premium are not optimized for a SQL
server databases (this is BCM). He said that Vista buisness or better might

I tried #1 and it has NOT crashed for 2 days! - I'd love to know the details
but for now I am NOT crashing....worth the $29.00!

Who da thunk?....for now


Thanks for the tip. I agree it is worth $29.00 to clear up the problem but it
also seem sto me that Microsoft should be addressing this issue instead of
Best Buy. I have BCM installed on a brand new, less than one week, IBM
Thinkpad with Vista business. I have almost nothing installed that is not
Microcoft software and the problem is exactly the same as on my XP laptop
with a whole bunch of different software installed. I understand that the
issue revolves around SQL server but again, MS really should fix the problem.


Agree 100%. My machine is only 6 months old. I can not be more disappointed
with MS. They have such an opportunity to gain marketshare in this space.
Integration has always been their differentiator. Heard a rumor of a Service
Pack coming in Jan/Feb

I'll try to stay close to this thread.


I use Outlook 2007 with BCM and have been for ~4 months. I was getting
sporatic crashes when attempt to open "Contacts" withing Business Contact
Manager. I get a message that state that Outlook has to close and gives me
an option to send an error report. Just in the last day, the crashes have
gone from sporatic to constant and I cannot get into my BCM contacts anymore.
I am stuck. Any help would be appreciated.


"TbGo into trusted services and disable the BCM Add-in. Close outlook and
then re-enable. I have been told before that the database does not get lost
or corrupted. I am not a techy but it must be a .pst (regular outlook file)
with .bcm (a sql server database) I was optomistice when i was told to
install a 193MB download earlier this week but it has done nothing to help
me. The $29 best buy fis was good for a while but seems to have only been a
short term fix...this might alos suggest that there are temp files filling up
somewhere...again not a techy


Update. Just spent ~3 hours with Microsoft technical support. Problem
appears to be solved. Here is the procedure:

1) Repair BCM from add/delete software in control panel.
2) Repair Office 2007 from the same.

That helped but still crashed when I went from Contacts to Business Contact
Manager Contacts.

3) Created a new profile. Added back email accounts. Added back internet

Seems to work but it cost $49 and 3 hours. Ugh.

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