Outlook 2007 Addin Appointment several Questions



Hi all,

i am writing an Outlook 2007 addin (C# + VS 2008). Most of the problems i
had could i solve alone, but now i am on a point, where i hope to get some
informations from people may have more experience in writing addins. So
thanks for your time.

Here my questions:

1) Is there really no way to send appointments with categories to another

is said with a regfile "hack" you can have it back as in 2003.

2) I customized the appointment form, but i cant customize the
appontmentItem object in c#? i can create a new class with extends from this
class, but outlook will not use this class, is this possible to change the
classes ? that must be so much places in the code ... and i dont believe i
will work.

I want to add new values to the appoinment.

2 a) may this work with reflection ?

3) is there an event , when a new appointment arrive in the inbox ? i know
there is a new mail event but this dont fire , if someone sends me a
appointment request.

4) is there a way to set the appointment id ?
i can add / remove items from the collection.

i can change the color of a category , when i remove one , and add a new
with the same name but with a different color. But i cant change the name ,
in this case this is a complete new item , what seems the be right :) , but
this dont solve the problem that i would like to rename appointments , which
needs in my view a setter to the ID.

Thanks for your time, i hope you may can answer some / all my questions.




Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

1. Michael's article is correct about the registry setting of course, but
that won't do you much good if the recipients are using Outlook 2007 also.
The default setup for Outlook 2007 includes a rule on incoming items to
strip out any categories. So on receipt the categories most likely will be
stripped out even if you send with the categories.

2. You can make a custom form derived from IPM.Appointment, such as
IPM.Appointment.Fubar. Unless you are using Extended MAPI and create a MAPI
form (C++ or Delphi only, no managed code) you cannot create your own
MessageClass. Any item however can have one or more UserProperty's added to
it. Whether they would survive being sent and received is another matter

3. You can use the ItemAdd() event on the Items collection of the Inbox to
detect when any new items arrive. That will work as long as no more than 15
items are received at once.

4. You cannot set an EntryID for an item, that is done by Outlook. You can
add any GUID you want to a UserProperty. For appointments the
GlobalAppointmentID property should remain the same for a meeting request
coming into Inbox and the accepted appointment/meeting in the Calendar
folder. Use that property for identification purposes.


Hi Ken Slovak,

thanks for your help, that was very useful!

I think userproperty was that what i am looking for, but i have to test it
now ;)

to 1:

You said this is right, i did this regfile on my host system and i tried to
test it with another VM , where i installed the same software and the same
reg file.

May you can tell me what i am doing wrong.

I create a new appointment over the GUI , add a new member and send it, but
the arriving appointment hasn't the category in the item.

Both clients have the same categories.

Thanks for you help!

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Did you remove the rule that strips out categories on incoming messages on
that other machine? I told you that despite that registry change you
probably wouldn't get things working, the registry change only sends out the
categories, it can't do anything on the recipient's system.





i will try this. I have access on all machines, which means i could to this.

Again, thanks for your time, you saved my nervs :)

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