Outlook 2003 won't load



Been using Outlook 2003 with XP for years - all OK 'till now. Can't load
Outlook - all I get is a quick glance at the interface before it closes with
no message.

Tried repairing Office, tries repairing .pst file, tried uninstalling and
reinstalling, deleted outcmd file but all have failed. I even tried renaming
..pst file.

PC works fine otherwise.

Any ideas?

Orland, Kathleen

Try these two things:

Open Outlook in safe mode:

Start > Run > outlook.exe /safe
(note there is a space between outlook.exe and /safe)

If that works, there is an Add In interfering with Outlook.

Open Outlook with the resetnavpane switch:

Start > Run > outlook.exe /resetnavpane
(same space)

Also, something else to check is your PST. If it was created in an older
version of Outlook check the size. Outlook 2002 and older had a size limit
of 2 GB on the PST. If you brought the PST over from an older version, this
may be your issue.

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