Outlook 2003 stuck in cached-mode?




We have one user who has a number of mailboxes on the same Exchange
2000 server and a corresponding number of Outlook profiles on their
desktop PC.

Although cached-mode is not enabled, Outlook is behaving as if it is.
Also, the "Disable offline use" on the Advanced tab is grayed out. The
problem is that its retrieving some message properties from the local
cache (eg. message id) and these are different in cached-mode to
what's stored on the server.

The user only activated cached-mode once on the PC - and then for only
one of the profiles - and has since disabled it.

Can anyone suggest how to make Outlook work only in classic online

Thanks for any advice.

- Alan.

neo [mvp outlook]

Did they try to disable it via the mail applet in the control panel? (Make
sure Outlook isn't running since this what disables the control where you
can't work with it.)


Yes, I'm pretty sure we tried that. The user with the problem is also
a helpdesk person and we're tried the standard approaches. Even
deleting and re-creating a new profile for the same server mbox
doesn't help. Really odd. Thanks.

neo [mvp outlook]

If you can, break the network connection and then go thru the mail applet to
complete. One thing i noticed is that I had to uncheck the cached mode box,
okay out, then go back in to advanced area in order to gain access to the
disable offline settings button.

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