Outlook 2003 on VPN



Hi Group. Is there a knowen issue with Outlook conectivaty over a VPN
when the outlook client has been configured initially on the corporate
network? For example:

I've sales reps who very rarley connect directly to the coroprate Lan,
we are lucky if they are in the office once a year. Recently o've had
to make some changes to the domain they logged onto after a merger.
I've collected all the laptops, done the domain change, logged on as
the sales rep, set up outlook, set up the VPN then to test took it off
the corporate network and dialed into the VPN. In this scenario it
wont let me connect to exchange, i get an error that the exchange
server is unavialble (i can ping it ok and it's in the host files)

To troubleshoot this i set up another laptop, logged in but this time
didnt configure outlook when connected to the corporate network. I
turned the laptop off, took it of our network and pluged it into a
phone line, powerd it back on and logged on using the sales reps
details (used a cached logon as the DC isnt available) connected to
the network using the VPN then configured outlook, this time it
challenged me for the users domain username and password and, when i
put this in, connected.

So as far as i can see you can configure a remote users outlook
account when they are not directly connected to the domain, but not
when they are. So far i have had no luck resolving this issue for the
laptops that i have configured when attached to the corporate network.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

neo [mvp outlook]

There is only 1 issue that I am aware of with Outlook 2003/2007 and certain
VPN solutions and that is where Kerberos authentication is dropped by the
VPN solution. Two options to solve...

1) Configure Windows to perform Kerberos authentication over TCP rather than
UDP or

2) Go into the Outlook profile and reconfigure the authentication for NTLM


Note: Outlook 2003/2007 can be configured to connect to Exchange when not
connected to corporate backbone. (Note: I'm assuming that your site
supports RPC over HTTPS [aka Outlook Anywhere]. The only thing that I don't
like about Outlook 2003 is that dialogs hitch because it tries the
traditional RPC calls first when trying to configure a profile. I've found
configuring Outlook 2003 w/out any type of network connection is much easier
on the nerves if you have to start out with RPC/HTTPS first.)

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