Outlook 2003 Migration from GW6.5 - New Messages Stuck in Outbox for Some Users



I've searched these groups and the internet without finding a solution
that applies to my problem so I'm hoping maybe someone will have some
ideas if I explain my specific dilemma.

By way of background, our department recently migrated from Groupwise
6.5 to Outlook 2003. To prep each Windows XP workstation (which are
the same model and were originally configured from the same ghost
image), I logged in to our AD (with admin rights), uninstalled
Groupwise from the Control Panel, ran a third party utility to clean
Groupwise off of the machine more thoroughly and then uninstalled the
Novell Netware 4.91 client from the Control Panel. I then added myself
to the group policy which would trigger the automatic installation of
Outlook, rebooted the workstation, logged in to install Outlook and
tested that all was well by sending an email message to a colleague.

The problem is that some -- but not all -- of the users who
subsequently logged in and had Outlook install automatically in their
own profile had problems sending new email messages. More
specifically, when sending a new email message, it appears in the
Outbox but is never actually sent or transferred to Sent Items.
Strangely, they never have a problem replying to messages, only sending
new ones.

In troubleshooting the problem, I have found that users have two mail
profiles set up (although they are not prompted to select one when
launching Outlook) named 'Novell Default Settings' and 'BACKUP OF
Novell Default Settings'. To correct the problem, I have deleted both
profiles, relaunched Outlook for them and then entered the Exchange
server information to create a new mail profile.

Unfortunately, this is an impractical fix when dealing with shared
workstations. Some of our workstations have more than 9 different user
profiles as staff move around with different job assignments. Because
I can't do the fix unless the user is logged in (and because I'm
reticent to ask each user to fiddle with mail profiles, etc. on his/her
own), I'm trying to figure out what exactly is causing this on only
some of the workstations in hopes that there might be some kind of
remedy that works once and for all.

Any suggestions or ideas are very much appreciated. Thanks much!



Brian Tillman

Did you ever find a fix to emails getting stuck in the outbox? It is
driving me CRAZY! Any wisdom you can share would be greatly

If mail won't leave the Outbox, you have a problem with the smtp setup of
your account or there's something interfering withthe communications path
between Outlook and your server, like an antivirus scanner. If you can't
delete a message in the Outbox, see this:

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