Outlook Outlook 2003 copy and paste both name AND email from TO field

Sep 9, 2007
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I've seen this a few places on the web but have fond no answer.

XP, MS Outlook and Word 2003

Dell Laptop Inspiron ET505

I list a name and address n the TO field, ie, john doe <johndoe@abc.com>

I copy the whole john doe <johndoe@abc.com>

I paste it into the text box or a word doc and get only "john doe"

I've been told that if I make my Outlook display name = john doe <johndoe@abc.com> it would then copy the whole thing (including email address). It doesn't.

I once read that Outlook doesn't recognize < >. I use Yahoo for personal mail and I often need to transfer there, so prefer to keep my emails in this format.

I know you can go to "properties" and gather the email address (all the posts say this), but if I click on the name in the To field, the "Email Properties" gives me a display name that does NOT include the email address--though the display name in the address book does. I like to copy both the name and the address at once and this takes two steps. If I go to the address book, hit Properties, then, yes, I can get the full john doe <johndoe@abc.com>. That is obviously cumbersome for multiple names and I find this an unacceptable solution.

Surely some computer whiz has bypassed this asinine malfunction and created a program that allows you to copy an email address in a mail program!! To say it's like creating a car w/o a starter motor doesn't seem far fetched.

I'm just so frustrated. I need to be able to copy my emails from the TO field to another doc.

I'm no computer wiz (far from it) but I can generally follow instructions. I'm willing to change registry on this one--as long as someone is VERY specific.


Thank you!

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