Outlook 2003 contact issue



We are using Outlook 2003 SP3 with exchange 2003.

User 1, Judy, is setup to view User 2, Jeff's inbox/contacts.

User 3, Tina updates one of Jeff's contacts.

Judy cannot see the updated information.

Here are the steps I took to narrow it down.

Connected to Judy's (and Jeff's) profile from my machine. It shows
the updated contact information.

Created a new Outlook profile on Judy's machine to connect directly to
Jeff's mailbox. It does not show updated contact information.

This is a fairly new computer (6 months), but I did copy over her
Outlook profile settings from the old computer.

For her Outlook profile she is using cache mode.

I am fairly certain that if I completely delete her Windows profile
and recreate this will fix the issue. However I am trying to
understand this a bit more and figure out what is wrong. (Also she is
pushing back on recreating her profile!)

There are a lot files located in C:\Documents and Settings
\user1\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and C:\Documents and Settings
\user1\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Could any
of these file be contributing to the issue.

It seems isolated to her profile on her computer.

Any help would be appreciated,


For testing purposes you can turn off cache mode. This is easier than
deleting/creating a new profile.

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