Outlook 2003 Configuration Problem



When i am trying to open oulook to configure, the following error message is
poping up "Unable to open your default e-mail folders. Outlook could not
start because a data file to send and receive mail could not be found. To add
a data file, such as a personal folder file, double-click the Mail icon in
Windows Control Panel". I tried the same from control panel, but i am not
able to create a new Data file.

Please help me on resolving this issue.


I am not getting any options to create new data file. When I clicks to add
new data file, the pop up shows a blank field. Because of that the button is
not activated.


I have the same issue. The mail applet does not help. i have created a
profile and deleted pofiles 6 times. then, i press data file and the only
button available is add, but when i press this button, the box :new outlook
data file" types of storage is blank. I cannot choose any type and the ok
button is not available.

I had business contact manager, i deleted. Did that cause the problem?


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