Outlook 2003 - Cannot receive mail from another Outlook program




Have a situation that arose just today, where mail cannot be sent or
received between my Outlook program and a coworker's Entourage program. The
email accounts still work, it's ONLY when I send him an email from Outlook,
he does not receive it on his Entourage and vice versa.

So, if I sent an email to him from my web based gmail, he receives it on:
1 - His web-based gmail
2 - His Blackberry
3 - His Entourage

If I send an email to him from Outlook (same gmail account), he receives it
1 - His web-based gmail
2 - His Blackberry
But NOT on his Entourage

And it's the same for when he sends me email from his Entourage.

I've worked with this guy for over a year, and we've sent thousands of
emails to each other through our Microsoft email programs over that time, and
only today does it not work.

Any thoughts?

Pat Willener

Do the Blackberry and Entourage use different mail servers? If so, I
assume that the Entourage mail server blocks mail from the IP address
used by Gmail when sending with an email client. Many Gmail (and
Hotmail, and Yahoo) IP ranges are blocked by many mail servers, as a lot
of spam comes out from there.


Thanks for the reply.

From what I've read other places, it seems to be been a problem Gmail was
having with Outlook and the like, and it's been resolved.

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