Outlook 2003 Calendar does not display today upon startup

May 31, 2010
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Running Outlook 2003 on XP/Zonealarm suite/ADSL/P4/2gb ram

I noticed something peculiar in Outlook calendar upon startup today. My Calendar is set to 31 Month mode. Today is the 31st May 2010, yet upon startup I can only see up to the 30th May and have to scroll down one row to see the 31st May. It is no big deal but I would have thought the calendar would display the day you are in by default.

This is exactly how I see my calendar today.

My calendar view is 31 Month with Monday on the left column through to Sat/Sun (compressed) on the right. (It makes no diff is compressed weekend is set to on or off)

My first day at the top left is 26 April and the last day I can see is 30 May on the bottom far right.


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