Outlook 2003 autocorrect, detection of language, signature problem



My friend has to replace his old laptop. I helped load the new laptop with
Outlook 2003, loaded Office SP3, then loaded Office 2007 (Home Edition). He
said the following is not working:

1. Autocorrect and autodetection of language (so that Outlook knows which
dictionary to use) - I looked around and saw that SP3 causes problems with
autocorrect. Downloaded HotFix 945430. Ran the various options on the
hotfix. Didn't fix the problem. So, I uninstalled the office apps and
reinstall again. But, autocorrect and auto languague detection are still not
working. Is this problem caused by Outlook 2003 and Word 2007? How can this
be fixed?

2. Signature - his signature has a picture on it. Before the reinstall,
the emails showed the picture. After the reinstall, I can't get the picture
to show. What can be wrong?



Outlook 2003 cannot use Word 2007 as the mail editor
Word has to be the same version as Outlook


I have HTML as the "compose in this message format:". I thought Outlook has
it's own autocorrect.

With the auto language detection, does it require Word as the editor?

With the Signature, I didn't think I needed Word.


Forgot to mention with the HTML selected, the selection for Word as editor
was shaded out.

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