Outlook 2003 Archiving attachments



I have some old e-mails containing attachments in my Outlook 2003 inbox
(mostly doc and xls). When I try to open one of these attachments a Word or
Excel document opens, but the only text in the actual document is: "This
attachment is now a shortcut and requires that you open the message first
before opening the attachment."

The mail icons in the inbox looks just like the ones for unread e-mails
(i.e. the yellow envelope) even though they have been read multiple times.

How can I read these attachments and how can I stop Outlook from archiving


Roady [MVP]

Outlook is not doing this as Outlook doesn't have such functionality. You
must have an add-in installed which causes this or, if you are in a
corporate environment, your mail admin could have mail archiving software
installed on the server.

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