Outlook 2002 won't save passwords



I'm migrating from a Win 98 SE computer with Office 2000
w/SP3 to a new system using Win XP w/SP1 and Office XP

I imported three email mail account settings to Outlook
2002 from Outlook 2000 and had it test "send/receive"
email and all worked fine. All account settings
information was correct and appeared to be saved. I then
closed Outlook 2002.

When I opened Outlook 2002 again and "send/receive" ran
it asked me again for the password for each of the three
accounts. I checked the box to save the password to the
list. I then closed Outlook again and reopened. It again
asked me for the password info. I bypassed putting the
passwords in and checked the email account settings and
found that the password is not in the password box but
the check box is checked to "remember password".

No matter what I try Outlook 2002 on the new system will
not recall the saved password. Please help! Thanks!



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

See if the following MSKB article helps (note, this article is written for
OE but the solution applies to all versions of Outlook on WinXP as well.
Just ignore the parts that refer to OE):

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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