Outlook 2002 - Rules - Move message but DON'T mark as read



I'm using Outlook 2002 and have set up rules to move e-mails from three
different e-mail accounts into their own designated folder underneath the
main Inbox folder. For some reason, these moved messages get marked as Read
even though I have NOT set up the Mark as read option. Worse yet, on rare
occasion a message is moved and does stay marked as Unread. Inconsistent!
Any help for this baffled user would be appreciated. Thanks!

Roady [MVP]

Sounds like the message gets selected after the download in the Inbox
(probably because you keep an empty Inbox) and you have the option set to
mark as read when selection changes. Then when the rule fires it will be
moved to the proper folder and gets marked as read because the selection

You can either disable the option to mark items as read when selection
changes, keep an item in the Inbox or don't have the Inbox selected when
doing a Send/Receive.

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