Outlook 2002 Connector works fine with Lotus Domino R6


Stephane Rosa


Just in case anybody wonders, the Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector for Lotus
Notes works fine
against a Domino server in R6. At least it is not worse than with R5... As
well, having the Notes
Client R6 installed is not a problem for the connector, the installation is
easy. Make sure to :
1) Open the Notes Client and Log in.
2) Install a fresh Outlook 2002, do NOT run it.
3) Install the Connector, it will ask a few questions, find the
<user>.ini/notes.ini file.
4) Open Outlook, you get your mail calendar. It will take a while to sync
the first time and it's a cpu hog. Go grab a coffee and read newspaper...

- I'm still getting a CPU hog between 50-80% peaking every 2 seconds or so
while doing
nothing in Outlook.

- Pushing the Send/Receive button uses full cpu during 2-3 minutes while a
very slow progress
bar goes on. I used the MSOCLog debug logger and it turned out that the
connector is syncing
the whole nine yards when you do this (ALL folders, address books,
calendar, tasks, notes)

- Responding/Accepting/Refusing meetings is a crappy functionality

Well, I'm still wondering if I'll stick using it, but I hate Notes so much

For those who have not upgraded your Notes Client to R6, DO IT NOW, it is
much much
better (but it is still notes...)


Stephane Rosa
Gray Hat
Cell : +41796160828
Yahoo: srosa / IRC: Clipper
Mail : (e-mail address removed)


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