Outlook 2000 Toolbar Dissapears and Wont Come Back


Ben Crinion


We have an Outlook COM addin which loads a toolbar when Outlook starts.
Occasionally when Outlook crashes, it leaves a process running in the
background but kills the window. When we "restart" Outlook the toolbar isnt
loaded. We can normally overcome this by killing the process using task
Sometimes Outlook 2002 and newer disable the addin. Again this is easily
fixed, we can reable it using the Disabled Items button on the About
Microsoft Outlook form.
HOWEVER, every now and then Outlook 2000 wont load the toolbar, restarting
the computer and then Outlook dosent get the bar loading again, there is no
disabled items button on the about form and I cant find an equivelent
anywhere. The only solutin is to reinstall the addin.

Does Outlook unregister the addins dll file or is there a disabled items
form somewhere which i can use to re-enable the addin? Any help will be

Ben Crinion
ben at mediaburst dot com

Dave Friedel

look under Tools > Options > Others tab - Advanced Options. Locate the COM
Addins button at the bottom. This should allow you to enable (check box
list) the addin if the scenario occurs you have described below.


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