Outlook 07: How to get multiple lines to show for a calendar entry



Outlook 2007: Is it possible to get multiple lines to show and to print in
the calendar? I could do that in Outlook 2003 but no luck here.

If it is possible, what do I do?
Aug 16, 2016
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I think i have found a way to do this. It worked for me using Outlook 2010.
When I add an 'all day event', I can only print one short line in the monthly view, like everyone else in this thread.
But when I add a time frame, start/end time, and remove the check from the 'all day event' check box I can see in 'print preview' and print multiple lines. Of course in monthly view, only one event/day can be accommodated in this manner. Hope this helps, it helped me.

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