OTF Font problems



I am very embarrassed to admit that I'm having this problem that I
cannot resolve. Please help me someone - No info anywhere, not on MS
Support, not on the web, not in these groups.


I cannot either view (double-click) or install ANY ".OTF" font file on
my WinXP SP2, fully patched.


- I am localAdmin of the box with full access to all folders
- Fontview correctly displays all other types of fonts (TTF, FON) when
double-clicking them
- I can install TTF fonts without any problems
- FileType Extensions for OTF correctly points to "OpenType Font
file" with shell command "open" correctly pointing to
"c:\windows\system32\fontview.exe %1"
- I DID delete the OTF file type and re-created it by associated it
again with "OpenType Font file"
- A right-click on an OTF file correctly displays "open" and
"print" as the first two options for this type of object
- The PATH variable both for USER (me) and SYSTEM correctly has entries
for c:\windows;c:\windows\system32;%systemroot%;%systemroot%\system32
- If a copy of anyone of these OTF files is sent to my other computer
(also XP SP2), font install without any problem - Hence files are not
- Nothing listed in event logs following error messages


- If trying to install ANY OTF font by dragging into FONT folder or
else using FONT icon in control panel I get: "Unable to install the
NameOfTheFont (OpenType) font. The font file may be damaged. Check
with you font vendor about obtaining a new file"
- If I double-click on any OTF file, I get: "The requested file
Path\Name.otf was not a valid font file."
- If trying to install OTF fonts using Adobe ATM 4.1 (installed) I get:
"Cannot activate font NameOfTheFont. Font may be invalid or

I will GREATLY appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance.




the only thing i could suggest is
to do a windows repair with your
windows cd. this would
bring your system back
to a normalize configuration and
whatever fonts and you should
see the fonts that are compatiable with
your o.s.

you mentioned you had adobe type manager.
if this program is involved with the problem,
you really need to review their website for
faq;s or patches as their
driver may be incompatible or something




- ATM was installed AFTER problem started, as a possible way to fix it,
to no avail.

- I will wait a bit longer before doing a repair with the CD, as
everything else is so perfect, I don't want to jinx anything - I am
hoping someone will come up with something else, another idea...

You see, if I just do the repair CD, I am not going to know WHY there
was this problem.... That doesn't sit well with me... :)

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