Ost To Pst File



following a big problem with exchange server and all the outlook client, the
only way to restore everythings is to restore the ost file to a pst file.

I try with ost2pst but it doens't work;
I try a other product and it work but it cost more than 500$ and it's not
possible for me.

Anybody to help me?

Many thanks by advance




Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

That's the only program I know of. Do you not have backups of your Exchange
stores? Given the choice between $500 and no recovered email, I think most
companies would spend the $500 (and invest in a good tape backup solution in
the future).

However - if you haven't already tried to reconnect the old OST to a new
mailbox, can you open the profile offline and then export manually to PST?



neo [mvp outlook]

Is the OST still attached to the original profile? If yes, then pull the
network connection to the desktop and start Outlook in offline mode. Export
the contents to a PST file. Reestablish network, connect to new exchange
mailbox, and import contents of PST to mailbox.

If the OST in not attached to the original profile, then you can still
recover. Create a new profile with a new OST file. Log into the mailbox
and perform at least 1 full offline synchronization. Shutdown Outlook.
Pull network connection. Swap out new OST file with a copy of the OST you
need access to. Start Outlook in offline mode. Export contents to PST.
Close Outlook. Restore network connection. Start Outlook and import
contents of PST to Exchange mailbox.

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