.ost file help...urgent!!


Adam Taylor

I have a client who crashed a windows 2000 machine running
outlook 2000.
She failed to mention that she was using an exchange
server 3 years ago and had been running offline on an .ost
file since then. She has no idea what the exchange server
name or address was, and since she doesn't work there
anymore we can't get access.

I need to be able to import all her mail from the ost file
to a pst file, however, since we had to re-install 2000
and were only able to copy the ost file, I can't get in.

It gives me the folloowing message:

unable to access the folder, you must log onto your
exchage server at last once before you can use your
offline folder.

how do I get around this?



Robert Crayk

If you cannot open the ost while offline, then the only option I know off is
via third party product. OST2PST is one such product.

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