Exporting from OST files


John Calhoun

I am looking for a utility that will export from an
Outlook 2000 OST file. I used to be attached to an
Exchange server for which I had an offline store set up,
but I no longer have access to the Exchange server and
have since just used the offline store to manage my
personal calendar, contacts, etc. (Yes, I now know I
should have moved my info to a PST file.)

I recently had an error in Outlook that shut it down, and
when I tried to restart my Win ME, Win ME failed to load
properly and is now completely unusable. I tried copying
the OST file to a new harddrive with a fresh copy of Win
ME and Outlook, but after adding a new Exchange service
with the OST file attached, I try to open Outlook and get
the message "Cannot open OST file. You must access
Exchange at least once to use the OST file."

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