Organizing the slides in groups




Is there a way to group the slides into different parts and mark the groups
for easy distinction in the outline pane? The first slide of each group will
have the title for the group and can serve as the heading slide. Is there
then a way to mark the heading slides in a special way to stand out from the
content slides in the outline pane?

The best way would be to designate the slides in the same way as we
designate headings and normal texts in the MS Word outline view. Is this
possible in Powerpoint, and if so can we have multiple levels of headings as
in MS Word? And is it possible to collapse the sub-levels as in MS Word?

But even if these things are not possible in Powerpoint, I would still like
to know if groups can be marked in some way.




Echo S

Current versions of PowerPoint have no sectioning capability. PowerPoint
2010 does let us add sections and name them. I'll have to check whether
those show up in the outline pane, though -- I'm not sure.

I know that doesn't help you now. The only thing I can think for special
designation in outline view is to use all caps, because that type of
formatting will show up (while most formatting doesn't show in outline
view). Hopefully someone else will pop in with better ideas.

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