Under Tools > Options > General Tab In the At startup, open file in field >
I selected a file that I use often. However, Excel tries to open every file
in the folder. I need help to reset this but every time I open Excel It gets
stuck opening up files and I have to shut it down. Any suggestions for how
to approach this?




Dave Peterson

Saved from a previous post:

If you know the name of the folder, you can (temporarily) rename that folder to
something else.

Then open excel and clean up that entry.

Then rename that folder back to what it should be.

If you don't know the name, you can make a change to the registry:

If you're comfortable changing the registry...

Windows start button|Run|Regedit

Traverse to:

under: AltStartup

And delete that key.

(11.0 means xl2003, 10.0 means xl2002, etc)

But be careful. Since you're working in the registry, you may want to back
it up before you do any changes. (You don't get a confirmation prompt when
you make changes here!)


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