Excel 2007 has startup error



One of the employees went in to the Excel Options - Advanced and added a
shared drive to the General - At Startup open all files in.
Unfortunately, there are many files in the drive that are not excel files so
the program will not open. I have tried various suggestions from other posts
but no success.
Even excel.exe /safe did not bypass that command.
I placed an excel file in the xlstart folder and it briefly opened that file
then went to the shared drive again.
How can I get to the options again if the program won't open?
Thank You



Gord Dibben

You can find this in the Registy and delete the path.

With Excel closed go to Start>Run regedit.exe

Drill down to...............


In right-side panel look for AltStartup.

Right-click>Modify...........delete the path.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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