operator overloading



Hi All
I'm new to .net framework and C#.I'm having an error in C#.Please help me

I have a class which overloaded = = and != operators as shown below

public class A
public static bool operator ==(A lhs,A rhs)
//Error checking here
if((null == lhs) || (null == rhs))
return false;
return lhs.Equals(rhs);
My code using this object is raising Stack Over flow exception as shown
A someA = new A();
if( someA == null)
//do some error handling thing here.

Thanks & Regards



Dennis Myrén

I think your problem is due to recursive calls to ==
because this code:
//Error checking here
if((null == lhs) || (null == rhs))
return false;
actually calls itself to check the equality.
You need to cast lhs and rhs to System.Object in that if statement;
//Error checking here
if(null == (object) lhs || null == (object) rhs)
return false;

That should work.

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