Operation of Asian text font selection in the Font dialog



I have a document that has been translated into Japanese, in which all of the
translated text appears in MS Gothic font. This displays most of the
characters correctly, but not all. Apparently, they are correct if the font
is changed to MS PMincho.
I'm trying to do this globally by changing the Font settings in the various
styles, but no matter what I set in the Asian Text Font and Font boxes, the
Japanese text remains stuck on MS Gothic, although any latin text changes to
I can apply PMincho as a character style, but that's tedious.
How do I get the required font applied to the translated text? Indeed, why
is it MS Gothic in the first place, as this was not the font in the original



Peter T. Daniels

Version of Word?

Have you ascertained that you have the full font you want to use?

Did you set the correct Asian Text Font in the Normal style, on which
many styles are based (even if you don't use Normal in the document)?

Did you select the entire document and change the font manually?

Is Word invoking Font Substitution?

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